Minnie Graham

I found this in here. Its about my Father’s Grandma and Mother.

Graham Ancestry

Minnie Melinda Adeline Graham was born on 10 June, probably in 1882, in Bear Creek Township, Searcy County, Arkansas to parents Jesse Graham and Sarah Scott.


The 1900 census is the earliest surviving census to record Minnie, the 1890 census having been destroyed by fire in 1921. In 1900, Minnie was living with her widowed mother Sarah F. Graham on the Graham family farm in the Watts community of Red River Township, Searcy County, Arkansas. Minnie was 17 that year, her mother 55. Minnie could read, but not write. Sarah could do neither.

Ezekial Henry “Sug” Melton, a 55 year old recent widower living in Marshall, paid $100 to Searcy County clerk J. W. Smith to obtain a bond for marriage license on Thursday, 11 August, 1904. J. C. Morris signed as surety on the bond. Ezekial’s bride-to-be was Miss Minnie Graham of Watts, who was 33 years…

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Sim Rains Family

Simon “Sim” Benjamin Rains 6/27/1870,died 5 March 1957, married Racheal Belzonia “Bell” Treat.

Myrtle Rains born 23 Mar. 1893, died 1987 in Texas, married Ira Caid.
Hugh D. Rains born 3/21/1895 died
10/23/81, married Arkie King.

Bryant Rains born 29 Feb. 1898, died 6 March 1898.

John Steve Rains,born 9/16/1899 died 11 Sept. 1983, married Marie Lou Vesta McCuin.
Fredrick “Fred” Rains born 3/20/1901, died 2/12/1963, married Thelma Drucela Melton.

Randy Rains, born 1906, died in Texas around 1965, married Cealie Lance.

William James Guthrie born 3/19/1894 died 5/26/1973, married Eva Elizabeth Bohannon.
Callie Rains born 2 Oct. 1896, died 23 July 1976, married James King.
Ressie Rains,(twin) born 25 Mar. 1908, died 1983 in Oklahoma, married Mayford Dennis.
Repty Rains, (twin of Ressie) born 25
Mar. 1908, died 19 Oct. 1909.

Velma Okla Rains born 19 July 1910, died 11 Dec. 1979, married Robert Tarlton Overstreet.

Bertha Rains born around 1911, died about 2001, married Tom Ford.

Pinkney Treat

Recently I have been doing genealogy for the Rains side in my lineage and come across someone name Pinkney Treat, who was Racheal Belzora’s, my fathers Grandmas, brother. That being an unusual name, I asked my father if he ever heard of Pinkney Treat, he said of coarse he had and referred to him as Uncle Pink.

My father soon started telling me stories of Uncle Pink. First, he said, Uncle Pink wouldn’t completely all right there in the head. But he did marry, a women who wouldn’t completely all right in the head also. One Day they was out visiting Sim and Drucilla, my father’s Grandparents, with their boy Riley was his name. While Pink was visiting with Sim and Bell, Pink’s wife come about in an urgent matter. She was wanting Sim to get a saw. They rushed around to see what was the matter and there that boy was hanging by his neck in the tree. He had got his head stuck between the forks of a branch. Pink’s wife was a fussing and saying “get E saw and cut E tree down to get E son Riley’s head out.” Sim, knowing it would brake the boys neck if they did it that way, went and got a ladder to get up there and get the boy free.

 Dad said that, that boy didn’t have any thing wrong with his mind. He survived his childhood and graduated college and became a school teacher…… Guess you don’t have to be a scholar to raise a scholar!